You may be thinking that arranging travel insurance sounds dull, but it may be better to get it when you are planning the next amazing holiday. In the case that something goes wrong you may end up with a huge medical bill if you do not have cover. Do not just carelessly buy this insurance invest some time in finding one that is good.

You may want to consider the below points when looking for travel insurance. You may want to look at travel insurance Australia companies if you want travel insurance from here. Carefully look at what they offer before selecting any. You may want to check out travel insurance in Melbourne.

Begin finding travel insurance when you have booked the trip

Do this immediately when you have booked the trip that you want to go on as the travel insurance policy may claim to come with cancellation cover. Therefore if you or maybe one of your relatives becomes ill, and you cannot go on your trip, you actually may be able to receive your money back that you paid for the holiday.

This is only a “may” as cancellation cover upon insurers’ policies does actually come with certain restrictions along with get-out clauses so be alert. You can check what policies travel insurance Australia companies have concerning this point.

Look around

It may be tempting to simply get the travel insurance that is present in the website of your airline that you are travelling with, or simply to get the insurance that is given by the travel agent that you have. This may not be a good idea as you may find some cheaper as well as better value cover somewhere else.

Remember to not only choose a policy because it is cheap. Cheapest policies may have really low levels of cover when it comes to baggage for instance, and may have punitively high excesses. Therefore check out travel insurance Australia companies carefully before selecting one, be it in Melbourne. Our advice is to check a travel insurance comparison website to ensure you are getting the best deal.

Think about multi-trip policies, plus policies that are for couples as well as families

If you tend to travel abroad much then getting an annual, multi-trip type of policy which can cover you for some trips within a precise 12-month period may let you save cash instead of getting single-trip policies. It may even save precious time.

Look at the travel insurance Australia companies that cover a family or maybe a couple. Check the prices of these and see if they are cheaper. On certain annual policies, you actually may not have to travel together so as to be insured.

Choose the correct level of cover

See if the medical cover, baggage plus personal belongings cover, moreover the cancellation or curtailment cover is sufficient. Be sure that the policy meets the individual requirements that you have. Some policies contain a single-item limit specifically for valuables which is really low and is not even the amount that a smartphone costs. If you are going on an adventurous trip, see the small print. It may be so that you will have to pay more for certain activities like scuba diving, paragliding, etc., or the precise activity may not be on the cover. Australian QBE travel insurance premiums will change depending on the level of cover required.

Medical conditions

You should not lie about your medical conditions, and you may have to tell of medical conditions of close relatives if this may lead you in cancelling or curtailing your trip. Check out travel insurance which is sympathetic to individuals that have pre-existing medical conditions.


These are some points that you may want to keep in mind when looking at travel insurance Australia companies or ones in Melbourne or wherever you stay.